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iCaption 2.1.0 Released

Published on November 5, 2012 by in Releases

iCaption 2.1.0 is a natural evolution of the 2.0.0 release. While this is a point release, it boasts just as many improvements as the last major release but continues to play on the same theme of improved timeline based subtitle editing, which was revamped in version 2.0.0. The single biggest new feature is waveform visualization right in your subtitle timeline. It comes at zero loading time cost, but only sections you have played will be made available. There are also many small improvements among editing and previewing, and new options which put you in control of fine tuning and preview playback.

  • Keeping bugs in check
    • Fixed a memory leak in the time formatting code.
    • Fixed selection still in timeline after deleting or clearing.
    • Fixed a bug in 10.7 Lion and greater, where the encodings dialog was freezing when the “ask on load” preference was set.
  • Added waveform visualization of the loaded video’s audio track.
    • Waveform data is overlayed right over the subtitles in the same timeline view.
    • Waveform samples are collected in real-time for the portion you are editing as you play the video, so there is no loading.
    • The waveform visualization algorithm is highly optimized for speed and memory efficiency, even with a large video.
  • Easy access for fine-tuned editing.
    • Added keyboard shortcuts and menu items for start/end/maker area nudging/scrubbing.
    • Added keyboard shortcuts and menu items for scrubbing video to previous and next frame.
    • Added keyboard shortcut and menu item for toggling fullscreen video mode.
    • Added the ability to scope the timeline to the area bounded by the markers (e.g. full zoom to the marked area).
    • Adding a subtitle in between two others in the timeline will now be considered an implied insert; explicit insert is still available.
  • Further preview and playback improvements
    • Preview playback can now start from anywhere; there is a separate ‘Preview from Beginning’ which restarts from the beginning.
    • During preview playback you may now click on any subtitle in the list to continue the preview from that spot.
    • Updated the video playback controls, and added a progress meter.
  • New categorized modeless preferences window allows you to try out the preferences in iCaption while keeping the preferences window open.
    • Added a preference which allows opening subitile files to append to the current subtitle list.
    • Added a preference to turn the waveform visualization on or off.
    • Added a preference to set the start/end marker scrubbing amount in milliseconds, for fine tuning.
    • Added a preference to set preview timer precision in milliseconds.
    • Added preset optimization options for performance-affecting preferences.
  • Support for 32-bit Snow Leopard while still supporting Mountain Lion.
  • Translucency for the film cell-like application dock icon.
  • Updated the documentation.

-Jeffrey Bakker
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