Below is a list of applications developed by Sea to Sky Software which are currently available in Apple’s Mac App Store.


iCaption Editor

iCaption Editor is a simple-to-use soft subtitle editor, utilizing timeline based editing. Soft subs are stored as files separate from the video so the subtitles can be swapped out with other languages. The file formats currently supported are SubRip and YouTube, the two formats supported by YouTube.  more | view in store




iKeepActive is a Mac OSX application which helps you schedule your workouts and activities. Not only does it help create your activity schedule but its primary focus is to make sure you do them using reminders and follow-ups. It also has secondary features so you can log your diet, analyze your progress and visualize your results. There is also a Lite version available.  more | view in store




iBodyFat is an application which calculates your body fat percentage and keeps a log of your results. Two different calculations are presented for each measurement made. The body fat percentage formulas used by iBodyFat are girth body fat calculations invented by the U.S. Navy, and professional body builder and writer Hugo Rivera.  more | view in store



Foods and Moods

Have you ever wondered what you ate made you feel so bad? Foods and Moods is an application that helps you track just that. It is aimed primarily towards people trying to track which foods may trigger their digestive problems. It also helps track the relationship between your meals and your moods.  more | view in store