What, or who is SeaToSkyware?

I am an independent west coast software developer based out of beautiful Vancouver, Canada where the ocean meets the coastal mountains. During my spare time, I develop applications for Mac OS, iOS and tvOS. My products can be viewed on the Products page on this site.


I have a formal education in computer science, backed by nearly two decades of experience on developing both free and commercial software for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS and Android. Some of my past open source work has been featured in computer magazines internationally.

I currently hold a Senior Software Developer title as a cross-platform developer for business-to-business applications. I’m proud to say that I have worked on some really cool industry-changing stuff in the past.

Did you say Open Source?

Yes. Once upon a time I was idealistic and poured several years of my life into making free software. If you’re looking for freebie software here, look to no other than the Open Source page. However, most of these apps are designed for Linux and/or Windows. While it is surely possible to get them working under Mac, doing so is for the more technically inclined.

Other Interests

When I’m not making software I like to keep active (otherwise it would be ironic that I develop an application called iKeepActive).


I’m currently focusing on my own products and am not interested in providing services for developing custom solutions, joining a developer team, nor freelancing. I also have a great career at a respected software company during the day, so I’m certainly not looking for work. Unless of course, you’re making the world’s next coolest thing. 😉