Privacy Policy for iCaption

What’s in this policy?

  • What kind of information
  • Why user preferences are stored
  • Where is information gathered from
  • How information is gathered
  • No information is shared or sold to anybody or any entity
  • User rights to data
  • Contact

What kind of information

There is no personally identifiable information, nor sensitive information collected from iCaption. There is no information of any kind transmitted by iCaption.

Any user data that is processed or utilized by iCaption is solely for the purpose of its function, and only exists locally on your computer, as iCaption is not connected to the internet. E.g.:

1)  The audio or video files you explicitly choose to load, and the subtitle files you explicitly choose to load and save.  This information is not collected by iCaption, is not disclosed to anyone, and is solely under your control.

2) The user preferences of iCaption. This refers to all application-specific settings found in the Preferences window. This includes (but not limited to) whether or not you want it to auto-detect text encoding, or if you’d like to keep the aspect ratio when previewing a video, or if you’d prefer .sbv files over .srt as the default when saving subtitles.

Why user preferences are stored

User preferences allow iCaption to better serve how you’d like the application to function.

Where is information gathered from

No information is gathered by iCaption, outside of its user preferences. The default user preferences are generated by iCaption automatically. Any changes you make to the defaults are automatically saved in a standard macOS preferences location.

How information is gathered

User preferences are stored locally on your disk drive in the standard macOS manner of NSUserDefaults for sandboxed applications. This is in ~/Library/Containers/iCaption. These sandbox folders are necessary for sandboxed macOS applications to run, and is a macOS concept that applies to all sandboxed macOS applications. The Preferences subfolder is where the user preferences are stored. Pretty standard stuff.

No information is shared or sold to anybody or any entity

The files on your computer related to iCaption exist solely for the function of iCaption, and nothing more. They do not get transmitted by iCaption.

User rights to data

You have the sole right over the iCaption preferences file, and if you choose to delete it, your customized user preferences will be gone. If you continue to use iCaption after deleting the preferences file, the application will generate a new preferences with default values (as it cannot operate properly without one).

It is completely up to you if you want to share the preferences file with other users, but iCaption will not do that for you.


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