Open Source

Some of my most notable projects are listed below. Warning: since open source technology changes rapidly (API compatibility, compilers), the functionality and usability of these apps may have become ravaged over these years of change. Some of these projects haven’t been maintained in a while, due to both lack of resources and that some of them simply aren’t needed anymore. If anyone would like to continue development on any of these projects, let me know. – syntax highlighting to HTML with support for over 30 programming languages. – very simple to use, lightweight FTP client with internal de/compression, checksumming, text viewer and image preview. – a Gnome2 applet which allows manual CPU frequency scaling. – a one stop GUI for running virtually any command line application, complete with a GUI designer (zero coding required). – a 3D benchmarking tool utilizing the Unreal Tournament game engine. – various tools for Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004.