Developer Update

Sadly, I haven’t been focusing on my seatoskyware projects in the way that they deserve in a while. I’ve been paying the developer memberships to keep my apps in the stores, paying the bills to keep this site alive, and once in a while updating my apps so that OS backwards incompatibility doesn’t break my app when Apple introduces breaking API changes. Even then, with fair warning, I have let it slip and they have removed some of them from the store.

Between working on open source apps while having various day-jobs from 2001-2008 and also being a student half of that time, and then working on seatoskyware projects during my spare time while also working full time building my professional developer career at various software companies since 2008, it would be fair to say that I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for quite a while.

I’d like to someday soon continue what I’ve started here, as I’ve only ever wanted to make products for people, not for corporations in particular. My initial passion for these projects is to solve a problem that I’ve had and was sure that other people have as well, but my momentum to carry on is feedback-driven, which has seemed to have fallen off over the years. Just this morning, however, I’ve been surprised by receiving some good feedback, so I’ll be sharing the news hopefully soon.

As of late, the only extracurricular development activities I’ve been up to in 2020 are writing articles on Medium on how to become a better software developer. With nearly 20 years of experience, much of which is double-time, I believe that what I’ve learned about building software might even be more valuable than anything I’ve created. It is mostly inspired by what I’ve learned about development in a corporate setting, but it can be applied anywhere, and I’d like to soon write about my experience in building apps on the side. I hope it helps both aspiring and veteran developers. Check out my profile here.

To any fans of my work who are out there, I thank you for your support and your patience. Stay tuned and stay safe. Cheers.