Food and Moods Mobile


If you suffer from digestive problems, allergies, nutrient deficiencies or unexplained changes in moods, then perhaps something in your diet is a contributing factor.

From the same author of the original 2011 Foods and Moods application for OS X, Food and Moods for mobile allows you to track what you eat and how you feel while you’re on the go. The mobile version has the same summary view to help find commonalities, in addition to a new correlation view, which graphs out your moods and meals in one-week slices.


For each meal entry you can track:

  • Date and time of meal
  • Type of mail
  • Description
  • Location

For each mood entry, you can track:

  • Date and time of mood
  • Description
  • Location
  • Rating of how you feel from 1 to 10

Unfortunately, the OS X version is currently not iCloud compatible to sync with the mobile version, due to a more efficient data structure for mobile. The OS X version may be updated in the future.

Food and Moods mobile is now available in the iOS App Store. In the spirit of celebrating the launch of the new app it will be free for a limited time starting in September.








iBodyFat is an application which calculates your body fat percentage and keeps a log of your results. Two different calculations are presented for each measurement made. The body fat percentage formulas used by iBodyFat are girth body fat calculations invented by the U.S. Navy, and professional body builder and writer Hugo Rivera.

For taking girth body fat measurements, no special equipment is needed; all that is required is a vinyl tape measure. Girth is not as accurate as skin fold techniques using body fat calipers, but there has been claim of +/- 3% accuracy. However there is chance it can be wrong because you can only tell so much by circumference.


– Get two body fat percentage ratings for each measurement.
– Tracks all of your measurements by date.
– Also tracks your Body Mass Index.
– Multi-user support.
– Fully documented.
– Designed so future versions of the application may have more formulas and body fat measurement methods.



In order to run iBodyFat, your Mac computer must meet the following requirements:

  • Intel-based Mac with OSX 10.7 Lion or greater
  • 1 GB Memory
  • 5 MB Free hard disk space



iCaption is a simple-to-use soft subtitle editor, utilizing timeline based editing. The file formats currently supported are SubRip and YouTube.

What are soft subtitles? Soft subs are external files stored separately from the video file. They are called soft, because they are not hard-encoded into each video frame; they are rendered in real-time. Most modern video players support soft subs and can manage multiple files for quick and easy swapping of languages.

Features and Capabilities

  • A robust, elegant user interface.
  • Powerful timeline editing, with or without a reference video loaded.
  • Waveform visualization in the timeline, overlaying onto subtitle time time visualization.
  • Transfer subtitle times from the reference video or the timeline selection.
  • Automatically determine the subtitle duration.
  • Real-time checking and visualization for overlapping subtitle times.
  • Easily adjust all subtitle times with one edit.
  • Search subtitles allows you to filter the subtitle list.
  • Previewing allows you to test subtitles without an external viewer.
  • Create, edit, open and save YouTube (.sbv) files.
  • Create, edit, open and save SubRip (.srt) files.
  • Convert SubRip to YouTube format and vice versa.
  • Complete abstraction from the subtitle file formats.



In order to run iCaption, your Mac computer must meet the following requirements:

  • Intel-based Mac with OSX 10.6.7 (Snow Leopard) or greater
  • 1 GB Memory
  • 4 MB Free hard disk space


Frequently Asked Questions

You should be able find all you need to know about iCaption in the in-app help; just click the Help button on the toolbar. For all issues/concerns not answered in the FAQ below, nor in the in-app help, email and include your hardware info and version of Mac OSX.

Where can I get iCaption Editor? ^top
It is available in the Mac App Store.

I am trying to make subtitles for an .mkv video and I can’t load it as a reference in iCaption Editor. ^top
iCaption Editor uses an embedded QuickTime movie view and therefore supports only the formats supported by QuickTime. If you are the creator of the video, it is more than likely that QuickTime supports your source format. If are not the creator of the video file, be aware that creating subtitles for certain videos you do not own the rights to may be considered as copyright infringement. It is possible to get QuickTime add-ons for more file formats, here orhere, but that is not directly supported neither by iCaption Editor nor QuickTime.

Which reference video formats does iCaption Editor support? ^top
As mentioned above, iCaption Editor supports the media formats supported by QuickTime, as well as the formats supported by any QuickTime add-ons you have installed.

The miliseconds for my subtitle times don’t look right (in version 1.x only). ^top
There is nothing wrong with your subtitle times. When iCaption transfers the times from the movie, the miliseconds are shown as a timescale. This is because QuickTime understands time scales instead of miliseconds, where the number is displayed as frames/timescale, where timescale can be different between videos and frame rates. Don’t worry; upon saving the subtitle iCaption Editor will properly convert the timescale to 1000, its equivalent in miliseconds. Another thing to note is that timescales have no leading zero’s, so 62 milliseconds would be displayed in the table as .62/1000, not .062/1000.

Foods and Moods


Have you ever wondered what you ate made you feel so bad? Foods and Moods is an application that helps you track just that. It is aimed primarily towards people trying to track which foods may trigger their digestive problems. It does this by keeping two logs: a log of the foods you eat and a log of your moods. This provides you with a searchable history using keywords or “tags”, so you may see for yourself if there is any relationship beween the two.

*Note that this application doesn’t attempt to do any medical or nutritional analysis; it is for logging and history purposes, and you should see a physician if you have ongoing digestive problems.


  • Log your meals
  • Log your moods
  • Tag your meals for easy search
  • Search your meals or moods
  • Sorting of your meals or moods
  • Rating of your moods
  • Summary view
  • Print and export to PDF support, so you may show your doctor or dietician.




In order to run Foods and Moods, your Mac computer must meet the following requirements:

  • Intel-based Mac with OSX 10.7 (Lion)
  • 1 GB Memory
  • 5 MB Free hard disk space


Create your workout calendar with iKeepActive! Sync to your Mac’s calendar which can then sync to your music player, phone or tablet.

iKeepActive is an integrated activity scheduling system which also interactively counts Calories. Not only does it help create your activity schedule but its primary focus is to make sure you do them by displaying reminders and follow-ups. You can also use it to log your diet, analyze your progress and visualize your results.

More info at