iCaption 2.4.2 Released

iCaption 2.4.2 has been released today, to address the following issue:

– Fixed a bug from iCaption 2.4.0 where loading subtitles previously made would result in bad times on systems with region settings using ‘.’ as a number separator and ‘,’ as a decimal separator.


iCaption 2.4.1 Released

iCaption 2.4.1 has recently arrived, as a bug fix release. See changes below.

– Fixed a bug from iCaption 2.4.0 where the video playback and seeking started from the markers with a timing tolerance (in some cases a few seconds).
– Fixed a crash from iCaption 2.4.0 where the playback to the very end of the video crashed the application.
– Fixed a crash when loading another video while still playing a first video would crash the application.
– Fixed a rendering artifact in the waveform visualization when jumping between sections in the video and playing them out of sequence.


iCaption 2.4.0 Released

iCaption 2.4.0 has recently been released, adding new features requested by the users.

The audio and video core of iCaption has been re-written to take advantage of OSX 10.9 Mavericks’ AVFoundation (the QuickTime API is deprecated in 10.9). Warning: All OSX versions prior to 10.9 are now unsupported. Support for non-Apple-friendly media formats will be affected as a consequence. For Snow Leopard, Lion or Mountain Lion support please continue to use iCaption 2.3.0.

  • Added the ability to instantly edit the subtitle’s start and end times in the timeline by dragging them (without pressing the Apply to Subtitle button afterwards). Apply is still used to move the entire subtitle.
  • Added the ability “Add Next Subtitle”, which starts at the end of the currently selected subtitle, with the same duration.
  • Added drag and drop for opening supported media formats.
  • Added drag and drop for opening supported subtitle formats.
  • Fixed search for subtitle translations to use the new search API by AllSubs.org.


Food and Moods Mobile 1.1 Released

A new version of the food and mood tracker for iOS has been released recently. The list of changes are below:

– Abbreviated the application name to “F & M” so the text now fits properly underneath the icon on the home screen.
– Added support for the iOS 7 look and feel while still maintaining iOS 6.1 support.
– Added offsets to food entries in the correlation view to address some overlapping issues when there are many food entries in between two mood entries.


Update now, or get it for free today!



Food and Moods Mobile


If you suffer from digestive problems, allergies, nutrient deficiencies or unexplained changes in moods, then perhaps something in your diet is a contributing factor.

From the same author of the original 2011 Foods and Moods application for OS X, Food and Moods for mobile allows you to track what you eat and how you feel while you’re on the go. The mobile version has the same summary view to help find commonalities, in addition to a new correlation view, which graphs out your moods and meals in one-week slices.


For each meal entry you can track:

  • Date and time of meal
  • Type of mail
  • Description
  • Location

For each mood entry, you can track:

  • Date and time of mood
  • Description
  • Location
  • Rating of how you feel from 1 to 10

Unfortunately, the OS X version is currently not iCloud compatible to sync with the mobile version, due to a more efficient data structure for mobile. The OS X version may be updated in the future.

Food and Moods mobile is now available in the iOS App Store. In the spirit of celebrating the launch of the new app it will be free for a limited time starting in September.






iCaption 2.3.0 Released

iCaption 2.3.0 has recently been released, adding new features requested by the users.

  • The Preview is now combined with Play/Pause, which is toggled with the Command + P shortcut.
  • Added the ability to add subtitles on the fly while the video is playing, using the ‘[‘ and ‘]‘ keys in combination with Command for the new subtitle’s start and end times respectively.
  • Added trackpad support for the changing the timeline scope.
  • Two-finger horizontal swipe while the pointer is in the time line will move the scope one minute forward or backward.
  • The pinch/stretch gesture while the pointer is in the time line will zoom in and out of the scope.
  • Updated the documentation.

Announcing Loop Motion

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a developer unit of the Leap Motion device. This device will become available in Best Buy stores in May. In my initial brainstorming quite a few ideas came up, mostly around audio and sound…

Back in the mid-late 90’s a couple of friends and I spent a lot of time writing lyrics and making hip hop beats on our computers. Some of us ‘evolved’ from there and went onto hardware-only configurations. Back in the day the industry has relied on physical drum machines (like the legendary TR-909), but nowadays there are hardware/software solutions. There are arguments for using each, but either way you cut it, none of this is cheap.

How about a software solution which relies of inexpensive ‘hardware’, but it is ‘hardware’ that you never have to touch? Can we have a drum machine that is not a machine at all, but interacts with your hands just like one?

So currently I have a new software project underway called “Loop Motion”. It is passed the prototype stage, and now a working version is already in early production. Some of the features I hope to achieve are:

  • Touch-less, velocity sensitive hand gestures for ‘beating’ on virtual drum pads
  • Visualization of beats played
  • Real-time recording of notes played by gestures
  • Looped playback of the last recorded sequence while recording the next sequence
  • Variable length bars and tempo control
  • Load your own sound font or map notes to the virtual drum pads
  • Multitrack support*
  • Visualization of bars on tracks*
  • Multiple instrument support*
  • Effects*

*Items for future consideration, definitely not to be expected in version 1.0

This is a little different than any software project I’ve worked on these past twelve years, but I think it will be fun. Enjoy some photos for the meantime.

iCaption 2.2.0 Released

Another follow-up on the 2.x series includes mostly bug fixes, a more flexible timeline size and online translation search capabilities from allsubs.org.

  • Added the ability to adjust the height of the subtitle timeline, taking further advantage of the multi-resolution waveform visualization algorithm, and allowing for finer-grained study of the audio track.
  • Added a feature to search for translations of the currently loaded media.
  • Fixed a sandbox connection denied issue after selecting a video, which may have occurred for users who have dictation input enabled in Mountain Lion, causing iCaption to not be able to load reference videos.
  • Fixed a bug (from 2.0.0) with Adjust All Subtitles where the durations were incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug (from 2.0.0) with automatic subtitle duration was not automatically setting the same duration that it was reporting.
  • Fixed a bug when the subtitles list is filtered by a search, and clicking on a subtitle will show a preview from the unfiltered list.