Introducing Trivia Channel

In early September, I was among the privileged to receive an Apple TV 4 Developer Kit. I have used some of my time since, to create something that the whole family can participate with in the living room: a Trivia Game.

TriviaChannel is an Apple TV 4 app which quizzes you and your family on dozens of topics, rewards you with bonus points, or penalizes you for incorrect streaks. It hooks up to an open database called QuizBang, which allows registered users to contribute their own trivia content. It contains over 2,200 questions currently.

You can say your answer into the Apple TV remote by holding the Siri button while saying aloud “Answer A”, “Answer B”, “Answer C” or “Answer D”.

The first version of TriviaChannel has been accepted into the App Store this Monday, and therefore will be immediately available upon launch of the new Apple TV living room box set. Future updates for adding features to the app are to be expected.

Update: Screenshots added, now that Apple TV is publicly available.

TriviaChannel TriviaChannel TriviaChannel TriviaChannel TriviaChannel TriviaChannel TriviaChannel

Introducing Cocoatainer

After eight years of active Open Source contributions, I ventured into commercial products for the Mac and iOS platforms and haven’t looked back. Well, it’s been another seven years since and it’s a good time for reflection – while still going forward.

I’ve been working on something to tie both of these things together: an open source Inversion of Control framework for iOS developers. Cocoatainer provides Dependency Injection via the constructor. It can be used in both Objective-C and in Swift, is covered by unit tests, and comes with several examples. It has many features, which you can read about on the Bitbucket page, where you may also download it.

Cocoatainer is released on the MIT license, which is pretty open and permissive for commercial use.